How Often Should COPD Patients Test Their Oxygen Levels?


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Frequency of testing oxygen levels for COPD patients can vary from continuous to intermittent use of a pulse oximeter at home to periodic arterial blood gas, or ABG, testing in a physician's office or hospital, explains WebMD. Patients should consult with a physician about the method and frequency of testing.

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If a patient uses an oximeter at home, it is important, especially if supplemental oxygen is used, to maintain a log of oxygen saturation levels, time of measurement and specific activities, according to RN Deborah Leader for About.com. The log helps physicians track how well the COPD is being controlled and if supplemental oxygen levels or treatment changes are needed.

Use of pulse oximetry by a patient should not be a substitute for medical care, states Kathi MacNaughton for HealthCentral. Patients should consult with their physician to establish desired oxygen saturation levels.

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