When Should You Consider a Hip Replacement Surgery?


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A person should consider hip replacement if he experiences persistent pain that restricts his daily activities and affects his work, and if he hasn’t responded well to other treatments, states Healthline. Anyone who suffers severe hip or groin pain that prevents him from sleeping should also consider the surgery.

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When Should You Consider a Hip Replacement Surgery?
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Normal hip pain that doesn’t affect a person’s typical activities or simply limits his ability to do strenuous physical activities is not a sign to undergo hip replacement, notes Healthline. Other options that should be considered first include medications, physical therapy and osteotomic surgery.

Doctors carefully review a patient’s medical history, physical condition and present medications before recommending a hip replacement surgery, says Healthline. They perform various types of tests, including blood tests, urine tests, X-rays, an MRI and an EKG. They also examine the hip’s range of motion and the strength of nearby muscles. Candidates for hip replacement are sometimes asked to give blood, as transfusion may be necessary during surgery.

It is important for a patient to understand the possible risks and complications associated with hip replacement as well as the potential outcome of the surgery, according to Healthline. A person should also know about rehabilitation after the surgery, as it is crucial to follow all of the required exercises, physical therapy and precautions to ensure full recovery.

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