What Should You Consider When Choosing Collapsable Canes or Walking Poles?


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When choosing collapsible canes or walking poles consider the fit of the cane to the user and the comfort the cane’s grip offers, explains Mayo Clinic. The walking cane should also be light enough to ensure comfort while in use.

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Check the cane to ensure it fits properly. The cane should allow the user to bend his elbow at a comfortable, 15-degree angle. To check the wrist height, a user should ensure the top of the cane is in alignment with the crease in her wrist when in a standing position with the arm hanging straight down, advises Mayo Clinic.

The cane should also have an adjustable height to let users figure out the right height by switching the length of the cane, states Caring-for-Aging-Parents.com. The cane should also be compatible with different tips to ensure safety by allowing the user to adjust it to various walking surfaces. Consider a cane with a strap, which enhances comfort and convenience.

The grip of the walking pole should offer a comfortable fit to the hand. So those who have difficulties grasping with their fingers should opt for canes with a larger grip. Selecting the correct grip eases pressure on their joints and minimize the risk of joint deformities. A physical therapist can also assist in making the right choices, Mayo Clinic recommends.

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