Should You Be Concerned About Strong Urine Odor After Bladder Surgery?


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After bladder surgery, a strong urine odor is a possible sign of urinary tract or bladder infection, according to Healthline. These infections are potential complications of bladder surgery and are treated with antibiotics.

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Should You Be Concerned About Strong Urine Odor After Bladder Surgery?
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Bladder surgery often involves inserting a catheter, which is a tube that drains urine out of the body, MedlinePlus explains. Catheters are sometimes used when patients are incontinent or unable to fully empty their bladders. Catheters remains in place for long time spans, and this makes patients vulnerable to urinary tract infections. Other symptoms of a UTI are cloudy or bloody urine, frequent need to urinate and pain near the bladder. Doctors use urinalysis to detect infection, while a urine culture discovers the specific bacteria involved.

Though doctors prescribe antibiotics for UTIs, catheter-related infections do not typically respond well to common medications, warns MedlinePlus. Patients generally receive oral antibiotics, although serious infections require intravenous drugs. In addition, a new catheter must be put in place.

Sometimes after surgery an infection appears in the bladder itself, Healthline states. Urine tests confirm the diagnosis and determine the invading micro-organism, and then the doctor prescribes antibiotics. If symptoms also include pain and burning sensations, a medication such as phenazopyridine hydrochloride provides relief. Patients also drink fluids to help remove bacteria from the bladder. Vitamin C supplements or cranberry juice help kill bacteria by increasing urine's acidity.

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