Why Should You Chart Your Blood Sugar Numbers?


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People with diabetes should chart their blood sugar numbers to ensure their treatment plans are working, explains the American Diabetes Association. Tracking blood sugar over time makes it easier to see how the body responds to certain treatments.

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Blood sugar testing is one of the best tools available to ensure that diabetes is under control, states the American Diabetes Association. Pregnant women, diabetics taking insulin and diabetics who are having a hard time controlling their blood sugar can benefit from charting their blood sugar levels. Charting is also helpful for diabetics whose blood sugar levels have been running lower than normal.

It's important to be consistent when testing and recording blood sugar, notes Healthline. Checking blood sugar around the same time each day is a good way to compare several different test results. Each time individuals with diabetes check their blood sugar, they should record the date, time and result. A tracking chart should also include a column for comments on factors that might have affected a particular reading. If a diabetic exercised more than usual that day, for example, it should be noted in the comments column. Infections, weather changes and minor illnesses can also affect blood sugar levels. For best results, a diabetic should record every test result in a tracking chart.

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