What Should You Do If You Broke Your Dentures?

If someone breaks their dentures, the dentures should be brought into a denture center or denture clinic for repair, according to WebMD. Broken dentures can occur when teeth come loose from the dentures, when pink acrylic breaks apart from the rest of the denture or when the dentures break into multiple pieces.

Most of the problems with dentures breaking are due to general wear and tear or from the way that the patient bites and eats while wearing the dentures. If the patient is having consistent problems with their dentures, it is most likely due to the fitting of the dentures and the way that the patient bites with the dentures in. This problem will not be fixed if the dentures are repaired without first correcting the way the dentures fit, reports the New England Denture Center.

Once the dentures have been fixed, it is important to learn how to care for the dentures properly to avoid additional problems. Dentures should always be handled with care and when removing them or handling them, do so over a soft surface, such as "a folded towel," as stated by WebMD. It is also recommended to brush, rinse and clean dentures on a daily basis with a brush that was created for denture cleaning and denture cleaner. Do not use toothpaste because it can lead to breaks in the surface of the dentures.