What Should You Ask Your Medical Doctor When at a Check-Up?


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At a regular annual check-up, questions to ask include whether it is time for certain tests, such as a full blood workup or colonoscopy, whether the patient's current activity levels need to be adjusted and whether the patient's weight is in a healthy range. Patients may also want to ask their doctors about any changes in their health or ask if they are up to date on vaccinations, notes the New York Times.

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What Should You Ask Your Medical Doctor When at a Check-Up?
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What questions are common differ depending on the age, gender and individual circumstance of the patient. For instance, children or teens going through puberty may have questions about what to expect or which body changes are normal and what's not, states KidsHealth. Those who are getting older may have questions about cancer screenings or other preventative testing measures, and women may have specific questions about hormone changes or menopause.

It's important for patients to write down the questions they have to ensure they don't forget anything when the doctor comes in due to nerves or rushing. If the patient has a lot of questions, it may be a good idea to inform the receptionist of this when making an appointment to ensure the doctor has enough time set aside of the appointment to answer everything thoroughly.

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