What Should You Ask a Doctor When You Are Diagnosed With Diabetes?


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An individual who receives a diabetes diagnosis should ask her doctor how often her blood sugar requires testing and what she must do if it is too high or too low, states WebMD. Discussing the effects of exercise and excess weight on diabetes is also important.

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It is important to ask if having diabetes predisposes the patient to additional medical problems that require consultations with other doctors, such as an eye doctor, notes WebMD. Other inquiries may involve the availability of new medications for treating diabetes as well as the role of diet in managing blood sugar levels are recommended.

The patient may also ask about generic options for medications and possible consultations with a dietitian or diabetes educator, advises Mayo Clinic. If other health conditions are present, she can discuss ways to manage them simultaneously with diabetes treatment and request additional reading materials or referrals to websites to learn more about the condition.

The patient needs to discuss proper foot care upon a diabetes diagnosis, advises MedlinePlus. This involves the best way to care for the toenails and which types of shoes and socks are best for diabetics. The patient also needs to inquire about the best forms of exercise and how to manage blood sugar levels during and after exercise. She must find out what to do if she misses a dose of medicine and how to handle diabetes when traveling and when sick.

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