What Should You Ask Your Doctor When You Have an Appointment?


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During an appointment with a doctor, ask about your diagnosis, treatment options, required medical tests and prescription medicines, suggests the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Ask for written instructions, relevant reading materials or websites that allow you to learn more about your condition.

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The important questions to ask during an appointment with a health care provider depends on the doctor’s given diagnosis and suggested treatment and tests, states the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. When asking about treatment options, find out the advantages, risks and side effects of each method. If surgery is recommended, ask the doctor why it is essential and if there are other available options. Also ask about the surgeon’s experience in performing the surgery.

Other valuable questions to ask include when you can receive the results of medical tests, what hospitals provide the best medical care that suits your condition and how the prescribed medications may interact with any current medicines you’re taking, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Ask if you have to change your diet, lifestyle or daily routine.

Take notes while talking to the doctor, or have someone come with you to help you remember crucial details, notes the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Don't hesitate to ask the doctor to explain things one more time if certain terms or explanations are confusing.

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