When Should You Apply for a Dental Grant?


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Apply for a dental grant when seeking functional treatment that is clinically necessary for good dental health. You might also apply for a dental grant when dental treatment charges exceed the rates charged by the National Health Service, according to Delta Dental Insurance.

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Cosmetic treatment of teeth is not paid for by dental grants. The grants are given to patients who have dental problems that limit the good health of their teeth with problems such as pain, sensitivity, bad smells and oral discomfort. The problems may be caused by crowns or orthodontic, bridgework and root canal problems. Grants are also not available for patients who want to receive private treatment. To confirm the dental treatment that is needed, patients should consult with a dental specialist.

According to Delta Dental of California, dental grants can be given to organizations that promote oral health care and awareness of good dental health to the public. Dental grants are given upon application by the interested persons and organizations. Charitable programs that are educational and promote the good dental health of the public are considered favorably for the grants. Grants meant for organizations are not given to individuals or discriminatory organizations, and they are not given as loans. Dental grants are given to eligible patients after the application has been completed.

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