What Should Angioplasty Patients Know Before Surgery?


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Angioplasty patients typically need to have electrocardiogram and routine blood test the day before the angioplasty procedure, and they can only drink and eat until midnight of the night prior to the procedure, according to WebMD. Patients should take their eyeglasses to the procedure, along with dentures and hearing devices.

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Notifying the doctor about medications and allergies prior to surgery is essential, explains WebMD. Patients must take aspirin prior to the procedure, and they should notify the doctor ahead of time if they have not taken any. Patients are awake during an angioplasty, but receive medication to assist with relaxation.

The angioplasty procedure returns blood flow through the affected artery, advises MedlinePlus. The doctor inserts a thin tube into a blood vessel in an arm or the groin and then guides the tube up to the impacted area. After the tube is in the proper position, the doctor inflates a balloon. The inflation pushes the artery-clogging plaque outward, widening the artery to restore blood flow. Angioplasty patients spend only one night in the hospital and can return to work within seven days.

Angioplasty treats conditions such as peripheral artery disease, carotid artery stenosis, coronary artery disease and renal vascular hypertension, indicates RadiologyInfo.org. Relative to surgeries, such as bypass surgery, angioplasty is a low-risk procedure.

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