How Should an Abdominal Hernia Be Treated in Women?


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The treatment for abdominal or inguinal hernias is the same for both women and men and includes herniorrhaphy and laparoscopy, explains the Mayo Clinic. Herniorrhaphy is an open surgery in which the rupture is strengthened and repaired with synthetic mesh, while laparoscopy uses a few small incisions and tiny instruments.

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Although men are more prone to inguinal hernias, they can occur in women during pregnancy because there is more pressure on the abdominal wall during this period, says the Mayo Clinic. The location of the rupture also varies between men and women. In women, the weakened abdominal wall usually occurs where the uterus attaches to the pubic bone, and in men, it occurs at the conjunction of the scrotum and spermatic cord. However, the actual treatments do not vary. Women should practice prevention techniques such as maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding very heavy objects, quitting smoking, and eating a healthy diet rich in fiber.

Because of childbirth, women are more prone to femoral hernias, which occur in the groin area and femoral canal, states Healthline. Although surgery is a possibility, only medium or large hernias require it. Doctors usually monitor smaller hernias, operating only if the hernia increases in size or causes pain.

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