What Should You Do for the 21-Day Challenge for Fitness?


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The 21-Day Fitness Challenge calls for the consistent and repeated performance of seven actions in the areas of diet, exercise and lifestyle. The purpose of the challenge is to help teach healthy, lifelong habits.

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Dave Hubbard, a respected fitness coach, designed the 21-Day Fitness Challenge for groups. The challenge is a mini hands-on crash course that transforms a person's life by changing his habits. To effect the transformation, the person performs actions that are defined on the basis of what to do or not do; a target amount of minutes, days, miles or steps in which to perform the action; and a brief explanation of the action.

Walking, running, cutting out processed sugar, reading a book and quitting smoking are several actions in the exercise, diet and lifestyle categories. Each participant is welcome to create his own actions as well.

After selecting actions and setting the dates of the challenge, the participant launches his challenge and establishes his own website. On that website, the participant can share his progress via his dashboard or interact with his supporters. The 21-Day Fitness Challenge corporate team offers participants online support around the clock. The cost of embarking on a challenge is approximately $5 per person with a $50 minimum as of April 2015.

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