What Shoes Help Relieve Tendonitis?


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Athletic shoes that have a heel height of approximately 1 inch help relieve Achilles tendonitis by reducing tension and inflammation in the tendon, according to FootSmart. Inserting heel lifts inside of the shoes can also help relieve the symptoms. Individuals who overprotonate sometimes also benefit from using orthotic insoles designed to absorb impact, stabilize the foot and correct the gait. Overprotonation occurs when the foot rolls too far inward each time it lands on the ground.

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Night splints are another option for addressing the symptoms of tendonitis, notes FootSmart. These are orthotic devices that stretch the Achilles tendon while the patient sleeps. There are also stretching devices patients can use to stretch and strengthen their Achilles tendons during the day.

Flat shoes that provide inadequate foot support can cause or exacerbate tendonitis, explains FootSmart. Repeatedly performing load-bearing exercises, such as running, or failure to stretch the calf muscles prior to workouts can also contribute to tendonitis.

Most cases of tendonitis resolve with home care and conservative treatments from a foot specialist, states FootSmart. Depending on severity, treatment may involve anti-inflammatory medication, a walking boot, physical therapy or extra-corporeal shock wave therapy. In severe cases, the tendon becomes thickened and calcifications form in between the heel bone and the Achilles tendon. This may result in deformation of the heel bone, necessitating surgery.

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