What Shoes Are Recommended for Plantar Fascitis Sufferers?


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Plantar fasciitis sufferers should avoid high heels, and wear shoes with a low-to-moderate heel, good arch support and shock absorbency, advises Mayo Clinic. Those experiencing plantar fasciitis should avoid going barefoot, especially on hard surfaces.

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Individuals should replace athletic shoes after 500 miles of use, recommends Mayo Clinic. Recovery sandals are suggested instead of bare feet because the foot bed elevates the heel slightly, and reduces stress on the Achilles tendon and the plantar fascia, according to Runners World. Individuals should look for a cushioned foot bed, a cupped heel, a modest arch contour for the midfoot area and an upper that attaches loosely to the foot. Models that can be heated in an oven offer a molded, custom fit.

The plantar fascia is a long band of fibers that attaches at the bottom of the heel bone and extends to the base of the toes, explains Runners World. When these tissues become irritated or inflamed, the painful condition is known as fasciitis. Common causes include flat feet, high-arched feet, a tight Achilles tendon, excessive pronation and in runners, sudden increases in training mileage or switching surfaces. Causes in women include weight gain that is not lost after pregnancy and running in flat shoes after wearing high heels for long periods.

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