How Do You Get Shin Splints?


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Shin splints are most often caused by physical activity, such as excessive impact created during running, that incites the tissues around the shinbones to swell and put pressure on the bones. If supporting muscles in the leg are weak, the shins may suffer as a result, notes Healthline.

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Aggressive running over rough terrain can cause shins to crack, especially when inadequate shoes are worn and not enough support is given to the ankles, feet, tendons and calves. Flat-footed people and those with exaggerated arches are also encouraged to wear appropriate footwear to prevent damage to the shins. Injuries sustained to the shinbones may result from rigorous dancing schedules and athletic training, notes Healthline.

People who train with improper techniques may compromise the structural integrity of their leg muscles and cause damage to the shinbones, so it is important to seek guidance to execute proper form. Sprinters and other athletes who engage in physical activity that requires using the leg muscles in short spurts are also prone to tissue inflammation around the shins. Healthline recommends avoiding intense physical activity when the leg muscles are already fatigued. When shin splints occur, it's best to minimize further impact to the legs by resting and elevating the feet. Applying ice, wrapping the shins in compression bandages and taking ibuprofen or naproxen also help to treat the pain associated with shin splints.

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