How Do You Find Shelters for Abused Women?


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Domestic violence shelters for women can be found by calling The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. Another resource for finding domestic violence shelters is the website domesticshelters.org.

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There are several hotlines and websites dedicated to helping abuse survivors find domestic violence shelters and other services. If you use a website to locate a domestic abuse shelter and you are in an abusive relationship, remember to clear your browsing history, says The National Domestic Violence Hotline. If it is possible, use a computer that your abuser cannot access.

The exact location of domestic violence shelters is only revealed to employees and abuse survivors to prevent abusers from locating the shelter, according to Helpguide.org. Abuse survivors are not required to reveal their identities. A survivor may give a pseudonym to prevent her abuser from finding her.

Helpguide.org explains that domestic violence shelters provide housing to survivors in the form of a building with separate rooms or small individual apartments. Shelters provide room and board for survivors and their children. All the basic necessities are provided, but survivors can only stay for a finite amount of time.

Helpguide.org reports that shelters provide many resources for survivors. It assists survivors by helping them find a job, permanent housing, counseling and financial help among other assistance. The goal of domestic violence shelters is to assist survivors in starting over in the safest way possible.

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