What Are Shark Bite Fittings?


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SharkBite fittings are a specific brand of push-fit plumbing fittings created with the intention of making plumbing easier, according to SharkBite's official website. These fittings connect tubes in the push-fit style which requires less tools and is designed to take a lot of hassle out of plumbing.

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Push-fit plumbing is a style of plumbing using fittings which connect pipes and tubes, explains About.com. Once a pipe or tube is inserted the fitting instantly creates an air tight seal. This makes it easy to quickly cap a pipe or make a fast repair simply by pushing the pipe or tube by pushing on a push-fit fitting. These fittings do not require any glue but instead use a rubber o-ring and a steel grab ring to hold the tube or pipe and create a seal. These types of fittings can easily be removed so they can both be used as a temporary or long term plumbing solution.

SharkBite fittings are made with solid brass bodies, which can withstand chemical effects for longer. Other brands of push-fit style plumbing fasteners exist but may not include solid brass bodies. SharkBite fittings contain only 0.24 percent lead, which is less than that which is federal regulation requires per the safe drinking water act, as explained on their official website.

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