What Is Shaking Head Syndrome?


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The syndrome characterized by uncontrolled shaking of the head or other parts of the body is called essential tremors, or ET, according to WebMD. ET is a nerve disorder that may also affect the hands, arms, voice box and tongue. It does not commonly affect the lower half of the body.

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ET is not a rare condition, and as of 2015, it affects millions of individuals in the United States, reports WebMD. Although it commonly appears when a patient is an adolescent or in middle age, it has been known to appear at any age. Although the cause of ET has not been fully discovered, the electrical activity that causes the tremor is known to come from a part of the brain called the thalamus, which controls muscle actions in the body.

If an individual is experiencing continual shaking of the head, he should consult a physician immediately for a professional diagnosis, explains WebMD. The tremors that are the main symptoms of ET can also be caused by other conditions, some of which may be much more serious and require different treatments. Such conditions include multiple sclerosis, brain tumors and Parkinson's disease. Less long-term harmful causes of ET also include fatigue after overexercising or a reaction to certain type of medication.

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