What Sexual Positions Increase the Chances of Getting Pregnant?

Contrary to popular belief, there are no specific sexual positions that increase the odds of achieving pregnancy in women with normally positioned uteruses, according to WebMD. In very rare instances, a woman with an unusually positioned uterus may find it easier to conceive in certain positions.

It is possible for certain positions, such as standing or sitting during intercourse, to make it more difficult to conceive, since these positions discourage the travel of sperm within the woman’s body, notes WebMD. Lying in bed for up to 15 minutes following intercourse encourages the movement of sperm toward the cervix, enhancing the chances of conception.

Having regular sex also increases the odds of conception occurring, advises WebMD. Men should limit time spent in the hot tub, avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing, and limit intake of soy products to increase their sperm counts.