Is Severe Muscle Pain in the Thighs and Upper Arms Cause for Alarm?

Severe pain in the arms and thighs can be caused by muscle overuse and normally is not cause for alarm, notes WebMD. The duration of the symptoms determine whether or not to seek medical attention.

Thigh pain can result from injury, overuse, or wear and tear, as noted by Mayo Clinic. More specific causes include tendinitis or a stress fracture. Visit a doctor if bone is exposed or if unable to walk. Severe leg pain could indicate infection or even nervous system damage. Blood clots and poor circulation also lead to consistent leg pain. As a person ages, muscle mass declines, thus increasing the risk of experiencing these symptoms, as listed by WebMD.

Arm problems are also caused by overuse, as repetitive motion can lead to chronic pain, as stated by WebMD. More specifically, joints and tissues become stressed and start swelling. Common overuse injuries include bursitis, tendinitis and carpal tunnel. Seek medical attention if the arm pain accompanies chest, shoulder and back pain. If there is associated swelling with the pain, apply an ice pack to reduce the inflammation, as noted by Mayo Clinic. Rest, compression and elevation are additional self-care remedies that can help alleviate some of the symptoms. If necessary, seek physical therapy to stretch the muscles and prevent tightness.