What Are Seven Steps That Can Be Used to Recognize Signs of Dyslexia?


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According to the MayoClinic, dyslexia is difficult to recognize before children enter school and learn to read but can be indicated by late talking and difficulty learning nursery rhymes or playing rhyming games. Once children enter school, teachers may report that they read below the expected level and have difficulties processing or understanding verbal instructions. In teens and adults, dyslexia manifests as trouble with time management and struggles with reading.

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The MayoClinic characterizes dyslexia as a delay in learning to read with most children being ready by kindergarten or first grade. However, dyslexic children are less likely to be ready at this time. Early intervention is considered beneficial, but treatment can occur at any age. WebMD cautions that diagnosing dyslexia in adults is more difficult because they are better able to hide reading problems and rely on others to spell, read and write for them, disguising their symptoms.

Dyslexia is hereditary and has been linked to genes that affect the part of the brain concerned with language, interfering with converting between written words and speech. MayoClinic also links dyslexia to social problems among adolescents and to long-term educational, social and economic consequences for adults. Children with dyslexia are also at increased risk for having ADHD.

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