What Is a Seven-Day Plan for a Liquid Diet?


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For a seven-day liquid diet, drink fruit juice of any kind for breakfast, drink creamed soups for lunch, and have any pureed food for dinner. Enjoy ice cream, sherbet, puddings or gelatin for dessert, though they should not contain any solids.

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Orange, apple, white grape or grapefruit are the recommended fruit juices for breakfast. Grapefruit is a natural fat-burner, so eat some several times a day. Additionally, try cream of wheat or oatmeal run through the food processor once and beaten to a fine powder. Smoothies are also allowed, but strain out the fruits and any other solids before drinking. A strawberry-banana smoothie is a good choice as it provides sufficient calcium and magnesium. Additionally, have green tea with the juice or smoothie.

For lunch, dieters are also allowed to have clear broth. However, creamed soups are recommended, since having clear broth everyday can get tiresome. Strain solid particles out of the creamed soups. Cream of chicken or mushroom are some of the most tasty and popular clear soups.

For dinner, dieters may have any food that is pureed. Puree steak, chicken or a boneless fish with potatoes and vegetables to add flavor and variety to the meal. Ensure that all food is passed through the strainer prior to eating.

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