How Do You Set the Time on a OneTouch UltraMini Meter?


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To set the time on a OneTouch UltraMini meter, turn on the meter, and wait for the hour to start flashing. Push the up or down arrow to set the hour, according to OneTouch. Wait until the minute display starts flashing, and use the arrow keys to set the minute. When the a.m. or p.m. setting starts flashing, use the arrow keys to switch it.

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Once you have changed a setting, OneTouch advises that you do not touch any of the keys for five seconds. During that period, the meter saves your input and advances the display to the next unit. When you are changing the hour or minute, each click of an arrow button changes the time by one unit. Hold the arrow key down to make the numbers move quickly, and release your finger when the display nears the correct number.

If the UltraMini meter is off, push the down arrow key. Release the key to turn on the meter. OneTouch advises that the screen automatically shows a test screen that turns on all of the different screen sections. The test screen should disappear after two seconds; when it does, the hour should begin flashing immediately. A low or discharged battery can prevent the screen from turning on.

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