How Do You Set an Omron Pedometer?


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To set an Omron pedometer, turn it on by pressing and holding the "set" button, follow the prompts to set the units of measurement, and finally, set the time display, weight, height, stride length, date and time. Use the up and down arrow buttons to make adjustments to each setting.

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  1. Turn the odometer on

    Press and hold the "set" button until the display turns on.

  2. Set the units of measurement

    Weight can be set in pounds or kilograms. Use the up and down arrow buttons to toggle between "lb" and "kg." Select your preferred unit of measurement, and press "set" to confirm your selection. Repeat these steps for height and distance, which can also be measured in imperial or metric units. The units are set when "24 hr" is displayed on the screen.

  3. Set the time display

    Use the arrow buttons to toggle between a 24 hour and a 12 hour clock. Press the "set" button to confirm your selection.

  4. Set your weight, height and stride length

    Press the up or down arrow buttons to adjust the your weight, and press "set" to confirm. Repeat these steps for your height and stride length.

  5. Set the date and time

    Set the year, month, day, and the time in hours then minutes. Use the arrow buttons to adjust the value, and press "set" to confirm each selection.

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