What Services Does Waterside Dental Offer?


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Waterside Dental provides all major dental services, such as cleanings, exams, fillings, tooth extractions and gum disease therapy. This dental business has locations in several Florida cities, according to its website.

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What Services Does Waterside Dental Offer?
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Waterside Dental recommends getting a dental check up every six months. During a check up with Waterside Dental, a dental hygienist performs a thorough mouth cleaning, and a doctor examines the teeth and general oral health. The doctor then discusses the exam with the patient, explains Waterside Dental. Fillings may not be required if a cavity is detected early enough. However, untreated cavities may cause serious dental problems, which is why Waterside Dental recommends making an appointment if the patient suspects a cavity.

For a tooth extraction, Waterside Dental doctors use anesthetics to help patients avoid discomfort before and after the procedure. When the area is healed, doctors discuss options for tooth replacement with the patient, states Waterside Dental. Waterside Dental treats gum disease and provides patients with information on how to prevent it.

Waterside Dental provides therapy for sleep apnea and snoring, and it offers night guards. Sleep apnea treatment with Waterside Dental helps patients breathe better while sleeping and reduces snoring and daytime drowsiness, according to Waterside Dental. Night guards are devices that protect the teeth from being damaged by grinding or chomping while the patient is asleep.

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