What Services Does Valley HealthCare System Provide?


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Valley HeathCare System provides mental health and chemical dependency services as well as services to people with developmental disabilities, according to the company's website. Valley HealthCare System also uses the Valley Ropes Course as a team-building experience or as part of therapeutic or educational services.

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Valley HealthCare Services provides services to the developmentally disabled as defined by the federal government. They can suffer from mental retardation or another debilitating mental or physical disability manifested before age 22 that is likely to continue indefinitely. This disability must interfere with three or more major life areas, such as self-care, language and mobility, describes the company's website.

Valley HealthCare System's Service Coordination department coordinates activities, services, instruction and assistance for people with developmental disabilities under a Title XIX waiver, continues the company's website. These services are goal-oriented and client-centered, and the client can make choices regarding his involvement in his community and his future life plans.

The company also provides community support services under a Title XIX waiver, such as respite and adult companion care. Respite care occurs in the client's home and gives the primary caretaker relief while the client receives one-on-one care from a staff member. Staff monitors the client's daily living activities at home through the adult companion care program, according to Valley HeathCare System's website.

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