What Services Does the Shopko Eye Center Offer?

The Shopko Eyecare Center offers optometry exams and prescriptions as well as a variety of eyeglasses and contact lenses for sale. Its optometrists also diagnose and treat eye disease.

Shopko has over 140 eyecare centers, most of which offer flexible evening and weekend appointments. The Shopko Eyecare Center website allows users to find a nearby location and schedule an eye exam online. Shopko processes all eyeglass lenses in the United States, at its Wisconsin-based optical lab. Patients can use prescriptions from other providers when ordering eyeglasses or contact lenses from Shopko and can place orders in person or online. Shopko offers a comprehensive one-year warranty on all its glasses, and has a six-month return policy.

Eyecare experts recommend that people have their eyes examined every one to two years, and eyeglass prescriptions are typically valid for this length of time. Federal law requires optometrists to provide patients with a copy of their eyeglass prescription so that they can order glasses from any provider they choose. Regular checkups allow for a more accurate eyeglass prescription, since changes in eyesight may not be apparent to the patient. Additionally, frequent eye exams allow earlier detection of eye diseases, such as glaucoma, cataracts, or corneal and retinal disorders.