What Are Some Services of Philips Lifeline?


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Philips Lifeline is a company that provides medical alert systems for seniors by offering services and products, such as GoSafe, HomeSafe, a medication-dispensing machine and the Lifeline Response app. With more than 7.5 million subscribers and 40 years of experience, this is a leading company in the medical alert industry, as noted by Philips Lifeline.

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Some products, which are well known and used by seniors, are the HomeSafe and GoSafe alert systems. The HomeSafe has a lifeline button that connects with a Lifeline Response Center. When a senior needs help at home, he pushes the button for assistance. The HomeSafe system also has the AutoAlert feature that is activated automatically when a senior falls down and cannot push the button. The GoSafe system can be used outdoors or indoors and provided continuous 24/7 emergency assistance, as stated by Philips Lifeline. This system also has the Auto Alert feature.

Another product offered by this company is the Lifeline Response app, which seniors can download onto a smartphone. If a senior requires assistance, he can push a button on the phone to be connected to a Lifeline Response associate. Philips Lifeline also offers a medication-dispensing machine so seniors can use and manage their medications properly. To use this machine, seniors load the machine with medication doses in cups. The machine is programmed to sound at schedule times, alerting seniors to take the medication.

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