What Are Some Services Offered at a Women's Health Clinic?


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Some services offered at a women's health clinic include routine health exams, contraception advice and prescriptions, breast health assessment, pregnancy testing and HIV testing, according to The University of Texas at Austin. Other services include care for menstruation issues and STI treatment.

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What Are Some Services Offered at a Women's Health Clinic?
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Routine health care exams offered at a women's health clinic include clinical breast exams, pelvic exams, pap smear screenings for cancer and STI screening, explains University Health Service. Such clinics assist women in choosing the right contraceptives and give advice on the best way to use them. They offer evaluation and treatment for common women's health problems such as urinary tract infections and vaginal infections. Women's health clinics also offer emergency contraceptives prescriptions for young adults. They address menopause symptoms, including vaginal dryness, hot flashes and mood changes, explains the University of Texas at Austin. Patients can also get help with sexual concerns such as discomfort during intercourse, loss of sex drive and problems with orgasm.

The aim of women's health clinics is to address individual concerns, create an integrated treatment plan for a patient, and provide health education to patients, states the Mayo Clinic. The clinics offer referral services for cases they cannot address. The charges for services vary by type of service and clinic. Some clinics also offer legal and confidential surgical abortions.

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