What Are Some of the Services Offered in a Walk-in Pain Clinic?


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A pain clinic consists of a team of health care professionals and nonphysician providers, offering chronic pain diagnosis and management and personalized therapy plans that may include medications, injections, nerve blocks, and physical and aquatic therapy, explains WebMD. A walk-in clinic provides fast medical services to patients who drop by without appointments, eliminating long waiting periods, states McKenzie Medical Center.

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A walk-in clinic does not require appointments, but patients may contact the clinic to set a schedule, especially if they need pain medications or pain management or if they wish to see a doctor who specializes in a specific chronic illness, notes McKenzie Medical center. Walk-in clinics usually offer health care services in less than an hour of arriving or within one working day after calling for an appointment.

Pain clinics offer comprehensive pain treatment plans that aim to improve the overall quality of life of patients, according to WebMD. Physicians, physical therapists, psychologists, acupuncturists and other alternative therapists usually comprise a pain management team.

Doctors initially prescribe pain medications, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids or nonaspirin pain relievers, notes WebMD. They sometimes combine local anesthetics with medications. Nerve blocks stop pain in particular areas, while electric stimulation reduces pain by stimulating nerve fibers through the skin. Pain management may also include psychological counseling, relaxation techniques or surgery.

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