What Are Some of the Services Offered at Northport VA Medical Center?

What Are Some of the Services Offered at Northport VA Medical Center?

The Northport Veterans Administration Medical Center offers medical services including coordinated primary care, physical medicine and rehabilitation, hospice and palliative care, extended care and rehabilitation and home based primary care, notes the Northport VA Medical Center. Additional medical services provided include surgical specialties, mental health and an on site pharmacy.

The Northport VA operates specialty clinic such as cardiology, hematology-oncology, optometry, radiation/oncology and orthopedics, advises the Northport VA. Dental, recreation therapy, audio and speech pathology, neurology and a women's healthy program are additional specialty clinics offered by the Northport VA Medical Center.

A 24 hour nurse helpline is also available through the Northport VA Medical Center. As of 2015, the telephone number is 800-877-6976, indicates the Northport VA. The helpline is available to veterans, as well as their families and significant others.

The Northport VA Medical Center provides non-medical services as well, according to the Northport VA. Non-medical services include interactive training and education videos for veterans, their friends and family. The Northport VA also provides social services for veterans, and a Prisoners of War advocate is available to assist POWs.

In addition to veterans services, the Northport VA also engages in psychological, medical and surgical research and development, explains the Northport VA. Clerkship programs and podiatric residency are available through the Northport VA's Podiatric Medicine and Surgery residency program.