What Are Some Services of Home Health Care?


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Some services of home health care include wound care for patients with surgical wounds and injections for patients who need daily injections. Health care physicians may also educate patients on the necessary steps they need to take to take care of themselves and their injury.

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Home health care physicians may also provide nutrition therapy to the patient, ensuring that the patient is on the proper diet necessary for the specific disease or sickness and is eating and exercising properly to promote proper recovery. These physicians also check that the patients' blood pressure, temperature and heart rate are at regular rates. The physicians also make sure that any prescription drugs the patient is meant to take are taken properly and all other treatments are correct.

The goal of these physicians is to enable the patients who need home health care to be able to become self-sufficient with the eventual goal of being able to go without home health care needs and treat themselves. The home health care physician stays in the home regularly and makes sure it is safe for the patient. These physicians coordinate the patient's care with what their personal doctor orders to make sure that the patient receives the best possible care.

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