What Services Does HealthSouth Offer?


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HealthSouth offers many kinds of services including arthritis care, balance rehabilitation, vestibular rehabilitation, bowel care, brain injury care, cardiac care, day programs for various injuries and an amputee program, according to the HealthSouth website. There are also day programs that are offered for many of the conditions that are treated by HealthSouth.

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HealthSouth is a specialized hospital that provides specialized care for people who are recovering from illnesses, injuries or struggling with diseases ranging from strokes and hip fractures to Parkinson's disease. There are also many different doctors at these hospitals that specialize in various diseases and illnesses so that patients can be assured knowing that they are being treated by doctors who fully understand their illness.

One of the reasons why a person would need to visit a hospital such as HealthSouth is if he or she needed to undergo cardiac rehabilitation following a stroke or heart attack, reports WebMD. Cardiac rehabilitation is a journey that teaches patients about the different lifestyle and exercise choices that can lead to a healthier heart. The program also involves working out on site so that the staff can monitor the way that the patient's heart is responding to treatment. Most of the time insurance will cover these types of programs if the heart condition is or was considered severe enough.

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