What Services Does HealthPartners in Minnesota Provide?


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HealthPartners offers four programs in Minnesota: HealthPartners Care PMAP, HealthPartners Care MinnesotaCare, HealthPartners Minnesota Senior Health Options plan, and HealthPartners Minnesota Senior Care Plus, notes HealthPartners. PMAP is designed for families with low incomes with children and seniors. MinnesotaCare works for individuals who don't have access to affordable health care. The Minnesota Senior Health Options plan gives easy access to primary and speciality care for seniors, while Minnesota Senior Care Plus is designed for seniors with low income.

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Minnesota Senior Health Options works for seniors who are on both Part A and B of Medicare and on Medical Assistance. This program brings no cost for the individual using it, but has benefits associated with it. The covered senior doesn't need to visit different offices to fill out paper work or to get the required care. In addition, the senior is assigned a Care Coordinator who ensures that all health care providers, such as the primary doctor, hospital staff, and physical therapist, are in contact with one another, states HealthPartners.

HealthPartners was founded in 1957. It is the largest non-profit health care organization governed by consumers in the United States. Over 22,500 individuals work for the organization, of which more than 1,700 are physicians, serving over 1.5 million individuals, according to HealthPartners.

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