What Are Some Services at EECP Treatment Centers?


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EECP treatment centers provide EECP therapy to patients with angina or heart failure, states Vasomedical. The centers offer 35 hours of EECP therapy services to each patient. EECP therapy involves lying on a treatment table with cuffs around the legs and buttocks during a continuous ECG.

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Patients receive EECP therapy on an outpatient basis five days a week for an hour each day, according to Vasomedical. The cuffs on the lower body inflate and deflate between heartbeats at a certain time. A finger sensor monitors the oxygen level in blood and the pressure waves created from the inflation and deflation.

EECP therapy has a 75 to 80 percent success rate, and benefits last between three and five years after treatment, reports Vasomedical. It can increase exercise tolerance, reduce the need for medicine and improve quality of life for angina and heart failure patients. Most patients begin to feel better about halfway through the treatment.

EECP therapy is a safe and noninvasive treatment, explains Vasomedical. Side effects include fatigue and muscle aches. Most people do not experience side effects, however. Patients can exercise while receiving EECP therapy but should follow the specific exercise instructions of their doctors. Exercising can, in fact, help patients keep the benefits of their therapy.

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