What Services Does Dotti's Weight Loss Zone Offer?

What Services Does Dotti's Weight Loss Zone Offer?

Dotti's Weight Loss Zone is geared to dieters who are on the Weight Watchers point system by offering compatible recipes, restaurant eating tips and supportive advice. The website also offers general dieting advice to those who are not on the Weight Watchers program.

The Dotti's Weight Loss Zone website was created by Dotti Koon in 1998 after she lost 100 pounds on the Weight Watchers point system program.

The website is a combination of success stories by Dotti and her supporters, as well as many tools and advice for dieters in general.

There are multiple pages full of advice on how to eat out and not succumb to the temptation of foods not on the approved diet menu. Along with the dining out guide, she offers an extensive list of restaurants and menu items dieters can safely order.

She has written two cookbooks for sale, "Recipes For A Lifetime," volumes one and two. As of February 2015, both volumes can be purchased for $15 online by downloading them in a pdf format.

Other services Dotti's Weight Loss Zone offers are mobile applications with a Food Score program to keep track of points used during the day. The mobile application is compatible with the Weight Watchers points system, according to Dotti's Weight Loss Zone.