What Are Some Services of DaVita?


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DaVita offers services that include in-center daytime and nocturnal dialysis, home hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, according to DaVita. Kidney education classes, disease and prescription management, and travel support are other services provided by the company.

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When the kidneys are incapable of filtering extra fluid and waste from the blood, hemodialysis treatments perform the function. Patients who want to have their hemodialysis treatments at dialysis centers can use the DaVita facilities. Nocturnal dialysis patients receive treatments in the centers overnight while they sleep which helps patients regain their productive time during their normal waking hours, explains DaVita.

Patients in end-stage renal disease may prefer to undergo peritoneal dialysis at home. DaVita trains and educates patients to self-administer the procedure at night with a cycler or during the day manually. Patients can participate in school, work or travel activities and enjoy broader diet choices due to the greater frequency and shorter length of treatments. Peritoneal dialysis does not involve using needles.

Training and support for home hemodialysis patients are available, notes DaVita. Teams of health care professionals help minimize disease complications and hospital visits, manage and deliver medications, create dialysis plans for patients who travel, and improve general health. Professionals offer community kidney disease education classes and answer pressing questions around the clock.

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