What Services Are Available at MN Angels Clinic?


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Services available at MN Angels Clinic include medication management, gynecological services, weight-loss assistance, acute care and acne treatment, according to the clinic's website. Other services include hair loss treatment, smoking intervention and alcohol-abuse intervention. The clinic also provides internal medicine services, such as treatment for diabetes and hypertension.

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Stress tests, echocardiograms and EMG tests are among the most common medical tests provided at the MN Angels Clinic, according to the official website. Stress tests help measure cardiovascular health, while echocardiograms check for heart problems, such as murmurs and heart attack signs. The clinic may run an EMG test to evaluate patients for conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and diabetic neuropathy. MN Angels Clinic accepts most health insurance plans to help cover the cost of services, and it also provides payment options for patients without insurance.

As of 2015, Dr. Georges Jabaly is the physician practicing at MN Angels Clinic, as the clinic's website notes. He is also the founder of the clinic. Dr. Jabaly strives to listen to each of his patients and spend adequate time with them. He views himself and his office staff as health coaches, and his approach to practicing medicine involves considering every aspect of his patients' health, including their spiritual, medical and financial states.

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