What Are Some Services Alternative Medical Doctors Provide?


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Alternative doctors provide various services that keep changing as treatments continue to undergo testing and advance into the mainstream. Services provided by alternative medical doctors are classified into whole medical systems, mind-body medicine, biologically based practices, energy medicine and manipulative practices, explains Mayo Clinic.

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Alternative doctors provide whole body system treatments centered on a philosophy such as the power of nature, reports Mayo Clinic. Whole body system treatments include ancient healing systems that have been in use for ages, even before the advent of modern medicine. Other whole body treatments offered by alternative medical doctors include homeopathy and naturopathy. Alternative medical doctors also provide services that aim to strengthening communication between the patient’s mind and body. These treatments are categorized as mind-body treatments, and they include meditation, yoga, prayer and art therapies. Mind-body treatments work on the basis that a patient’s mind and body system have to work harmoniously for good health.

Biologically based treatment services are also available from an alternative medical doctor. These treatments employ the use of natural ingredients, herbal remedies and dietary supplements to treat ailments. Commonly used herbs include ginkgo, ginseng and echinacea. Commonly used dietary supplements include glucosamine sulfate, selenium and SAMe, indicates Mayo Clinic. Biologically based treatments are taken in the form of syrups, teas, capsules, oils and tablets.

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