What Services Does a 24-Hour Emergency Dentist Offer?

A 24-hour emergency dentist may treat conditions such as a broken or cracked tooth, toothache, permanent tooth knocked out, lost crowns, broken wires on braces and objects caught between teeth. Depending on the situation, the dentist may prescribe painkillers or antibiotics. A broken tooth may be only cracked or it can be broken into several pieces. Depending on the break, an emergency dentist may help with pain management or, if it's a salvageable tooth, begin the reconstructive process.

A toothache can be the result of a broken tooth, or of tooth decay or an abscess. A 24-hour dentist may put an emergency filling in place for the decay. If it's an abscess, the dentist may opt to drill into the tooth to provide a place where the abscess may drain and schedule a follow-up appointment.

If a permanent tooth is knocked out, the sooner it is put back in its socket, the better. An emergency dentist starts the procedure immediately when possible. A lost crown may result in a toothache, so the dentist may put in a temporary or permanent crown.

A broken wire on a set of braces is not always an emergency. If the wire of a part of the brace is sticking into the gum, cheek or tongue and it is painful, it might be worth a visit before morning. If something is caught between teeth, it may or may not be an emergency. If dental floss or brushing doesn't remove the item, and it is very painful, a trip to the emergency dentist may be warranted.