How Serious Is the Surgery to Repair a Tear in a Carotid Artery?


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Surgery to treat carotid artery dissection (a tear in the carotid artery) is usually a minimally invasive procedure, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Minimally invasive surgery generally causes less harm and has a quicker and less painful recovery time, notes Mayo Clinic.

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Depending on the whether the carotid artery dissection is caused by trauma or an underlying disorder, and taking into account the patient's medical history, anticoagulative medication to prevent blood clotting may be the first course of treatment, as claimed by the Cleveland Clinic. If patients continue to experience symptoms or are unable to take anticoagulants, minimally invasive surgery performed through blood vessels may be recommended. Angioplasty (repair of the artery) and placement of a stent (an implant to keep the blood vessel open) are two types of surgery used to treat carotid artery dissection and are often used in combination.

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