What Are Serious Hypertension Symptoms in Women?


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Some of the more serious symptoms of hypertension in women and men include shortness of breath, severe headaches, fatigue, irregular heartbeat or blood in the urine, according to WebMD. In women, hypertension often shows no symptoms and is more common after menopause, according to the American Heart Association.

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Other symptoms of hypertensive crisis that are common to both genders include dizzy spells, propensity for nosebleeds, facial flushes and blood spots in the eyes, according to the American Heart Association. Left unchecked, these symptoms can progress to those of a hypertensive emergency, including severe chest pain, poor kidney function, swelling in the legs, loss of memory and consciousness, or a stroke.

Many birth control pills cause hypertension in women who are overweight or have a history of high blood pressure in the family, according to the American Heart Association. High blood pressure in women may also indicate heart disease that can cause irregular and unpredictable chest pain, tightness or burning in the chest, nausea, profuse sweating and general discomfort, according to MedicineNet. High blood pressure in women during pregnancy can lead to pre-eclampsia, a serious condition that can affect the kidneys and liver of the expecting mother, according to Mayo Clinic.

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