What Are the Most Serious Causes of Left Hand Tingling?


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Tingling of the hands can be a sign of nerve damage. Known as peripheral neuropathy, this condition can worsen over time, resulting in disability and decreased mobility, states WebMD.

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Tingling in the hands can be accompanied by pain, itching, numbness and muscle wasting. The tingling can be caused by traumatic injuries, repetitive stress, bacterial or viral infections, toxic exposure and systemic diseases like diabetes, according to WebMD. Persistent tingling in the hands or feet should be reported promptly to a doctor for a medical evaluation. The quicker a patient reports the condition, the less likely he suffers potentially lifelong consequences.

One of the most frequent causes of peripheral neuropathy is diabetes. It accounts for about 30 percent of cases, explains WebMD. Patients with diabetic neuropathy often report a tingling sensation that starts in the arms and feet and then moves up the limbs. To diagnose the condition, a doctor can conduct physical exams, blood tests, examinations of cerebrospinal fluid and a CT scan.

If the peripheral nerve cells have not been destroyed, they can still regenerate, notes WebMD. No treatments exist for inherited types of peripheral neuropathy, but most of the acquired types can be improved with treatment. Control of blood sugar in diabetics and use of vitamin supplements can slow or correct peripheral neuropathy. Balanced diets, low consumption of alcohol and maintaining optimal weights can also improve conditions.

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