How Serious Is Bleeding From the Veins?


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Bleeding from veins, such as varicose veins, is sometimes minor, but in certain cases it is very serious, according to the Veincare Centers of Tennessee. Although some ruptured veins produce minimal blood loss, it is also possible to lose so much blood that the condition is life threatening.

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Varicose veins are more easily damaged by falls, bumps or scrapes than other blood vessels because they are close to the surface and bulge out, states HowStuffWorks. Also, gravity puts veins near the ankles and feet under high pressure, explains Veincare Centers of Tennessee. This extra pressure eventually weakens veins, and sometimes they rupture suddenly and spontaneously.

First aid for bleeding veins begins by raising the affected leg higher than the heart, Veincare Centers of Tennessee recommends. After applying direct pressure to the vein, placing a compression stocking or elastic bandage on the site reduces the risk of further bleeding.

Nonsurgical treatment of varicose veins often takes place in doctors' offices, observes HowStuffWorks. Sclerotherapy involves injecting a substance into a vein, making it swell and then close. In a few weeks, the vein becomes scar tissue and fades. Although this procedure sometimes requires multiple treatments, it is about 90 percent effective. Another approach is endovenous ablation, when veins are cauterized and sealed shut.

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