What Is the Sensa Weight Loss Program?


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The Sensa weight loss program is a diet that requires participants to sprinkle the Sensa crystals on their food to lose weight, according to About Health. The creator of the company, American neurologist and psychiatrist Alan Hirsch, claims the crystals make the brain think it is full and people eat less.

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The Sensa weight loss program does not have any dietary restrictions and participants do not have to change the way they eat. Some of the ingredients in the crystals contain maltodextrin, tricalcium phosphate and silica. It also contains natural and artificial flavors, as well as soy and milk ingredients. As of 2015, the FDA considers these ingredients to be generally safe to consume. However, there is no proof these crystals are safe or effective as a weight loss treatment.

The Sensa company recommends staying on the program for at least six months. The theory is that participants eat less because they get full faster. However, as of December 2015, the only study that the company cites as evidence is not in any reputable medical journal. The Federal Trade Commission states that the weight loss claims made by this company are misleading because of the lack of evidence that the product is effective.

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