What Is Senioritis?


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"Senioritis" is an unofficial term used to describe the despondency that some senior high school students fall into as they near graduation and lose focus on their academic performance. Symptoms of senioritis often manifest as skipping classes, failing exams and spending excess time with friends.

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Senior students can compromise their acceptances to college if their senioritis takes enough control over their behavior at school. The apathy they begin to display can present serious problems with hygiene, energy levels and relationships with parents, and may even lead the students to become involved with drugs and alcohol. Students are thought to experience senioritis for a variety of reasons, including a lack of challenge in classes during the second half of the senior year, a paralyzing fear of what is to come after graduation and decreasing parental involvement in the students' academic performance.

The key to avoiding senioritis is for teachers to design more intensive academic schedules that keep students engaged until graduation, suggests the Washington Post. Some students who are otherwise very responsible and successful in their studies can still suffer with senioritis when their list of obligations grows too large. This is more common among students who juggle school, extracurricular activities, sports, social lives and jobs.

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