What Are the Best Senior Center Activities?


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One of the most popular activities at senior centers is bingo, but seniors can also participate in field trips to local sporting events, concerts, theater performances and museums. Senior centers also host themed dance events, karaoke competitions and outdoor excursions such as short hiking trips or bird watching activities.

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What Are the Best Senior Center Activities?
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The use of technology in senior centers, especially the Nintendo Wii and other motion-capturing game systems, has increased opportunities for seniors to play virtual bowling games, race virtual cars and play brain games. Classes and workshops are also popular when they focus on areas of interest for members of a senior center. Common workshops geared toward the budding senior artist include sewing tutorials, painting classes, clay modeling and sculpture workshops.

Seniors may also enjoy tutorial workshops in computer applications or tips on surfing the Web. Fitness activities offer physical and mental benefits. Common fitness classes and activities include learning the basics of tai chi or yoga, aerobic workouts and walking groups. Some senior centers host Senior Olympics events to encourage some friendly competition.

Local performance groups from grade schools and high schools often provide entertainment by performing plays or musical medleys at senior centers, and comedians are often booked on-site at senior centers to provide comic relief.

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