How Do You Know If a Senior Can Participate in a Group Activity?


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A good way to tell whether a senior can participate in a group activity is by consulting his doctor. Another option is to use a system such as the Rapid Assessment of Physical Activity, which puts the senior through different tests to see how much he can safely handle on a physical level.

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The Rapid Assessment of Physical Activity was originally developed as an easy way to measure the activity level for seniors who are over 50 years old. Studies were performed that used the RAPA method, including using expert panels, focus groups and contacting geriatricians before running the tests. It looks at activities and intensity levels for seniors to assess their activity levels and to determine what individual or group activities they might be able to participate in.

There are a variety of group activities, from sedentary activities that use the senior’s brain and creativity, to physical activities indoors and outdoors. Some outdoor activities that are gentle enough for seniors include golf, walking, fishing and gardening. Indoor activities that are good for many different activity levels are scrapbooking and crafting, dancing, wine tasting and writing poetry. Other group activities include having a book club, hosting an English tea party and putting together a concert night.

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