What Are Some Seizure First Aid Tips to Remember?


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Seizure first aid tips to remember include avoiding panic by focusing on the victim’s safety, supporting the victim’s head with a soft and flat object and recording how long the seizure takes. Call 911 if the victim suffers injury, is pregnant, is diabetic or if the seizure takes more than five minutes. Also, call 911 if the victim’s identity is unknown, according to Everyday Health.

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Lay a seizure victim on her side as this aids in saliva drainage from the mouth. If a person seizes in public, disperse the crowd. Avoid restraining the victim because this leads to injury of both parties. Avoid giving the victim food or drink to avoid choking, and don't place any objects in her mouth. Also avoid performing cardiopulmonary respiration on the victim unless she is unable to breathe, says Everyday Health.

Epileptics wear medical bracelets. Look for the victim's medical identification to ascertain any allergies, emergency contact and the medication she uses, states Everyday Health.

Most victims lack memory of their seizures, notes Everyday Health. Seizures are embarrassing and traumatic, so show the victim respect. Stay with the victim after the seizure to provide assurance.

If a close relative has a medical condition that causes seizures, devise a seizure action plan, advises Everyday Health. Doing so lets each family member know what to do when a seizure occurs.

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